We can deliver across a variety of disciplines from Media, Research & Insights, Advisory & Design


How we do it

We're an ambitious and multi-faceted team of professionals

Media Strategy, Planning, Buying & Implementation

Audience Precision is home to some of the industry’s most seasoned media talent, complemented with some of the industry’s rising stars.

We can work at any number of executional levels of media strategy development, planning and buying.

We can integrate with current media buying houses, offering purely strategic solutions, right through to a complete end-to-end media service offering from strategy right through to post-campaign analytics.

Consumer Research

Audience Precision leverages the largest, ongoing global consumer research study - one of the most in-depth consumer behavioural studies in the world.

We use it to build psychographic structured audiences – we call them DNA Segments and we have more than 100+ bespoke segments in all 52 countries in which the study is conducted.

Market Intelligence Insights

A purpose-built strategic roadmap with consumer insight at its core.  It helps to understand every aspect of the target audience mindset, from behaviours, beliefs, values, activities & interests, consumption profiling to key purchase drivers and everything in between.

Business Advisory

Our senior executive leadership team has extensive expertise in most key categories with both domestic and international experience in Business Leadership, Management, Board, Advisory and C-suite capabilities.

Brand Strategy

We leverage Audience Precision's Intelligence tools, data and insights to shape and inform brand strategy in partnership with clients, discovering new audiences, new markets and the untapped potential within current categories through our proprietary DNA Segment Finder.

Full Creative Services

In synergy with brand strategy development, Audience Precision can provide full creative services through our alliance partners, providing a bespoke solution for our clients

Our Approach

We’ve created A Single Source of Truth.

Consumer Behavioural Research

Understand Everything

Key Features
  • Single source
  • 40, 000 datapoint
  • 52 countries
  • Robust sample sizes
  • Refreshed quarterly
  • One of the world's largest ongoing consumer behavious research studies
Key Benefits

Extensive profiling of consumers

  • Demographics
  • Behaviours
  • Attitudes
  • Media consumption
  • Brand insights
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Marketing touchpoints
  • plus much, much more

Client Bespoke Studies

Turbocharge Relevance

Key Features
  • Brand Awareness Tracking
  • Brand Consumption & Consideration
  • Brand Loyalty & Advocacy
  • Advertising Awareness
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Segmentation & Profiling
  • Brand & Category Specific Attitudes & Behaviours
  • Pricing Studies
  • Concept Testing
Key Benefits
  • Same respondents as the main study
  • Combined into one single-source study
  • Turbocharges the power of the insights

DNA Audience Segments

Psychographic Audience Segments

Key Features
  • Global segmentation model of the general population
  • We use the research to build psychographic audience segments known as AP DNA Segments
  • We can identify your high propensity audience with in our DNA Segment model
  • We can also create bespoke AP DNA Segments customised for your brand or replicate established personas
  • Once we find / create your AP DNA Segments, Audience Reports called Identikits will be made available, providing a 360° view of the audience
Key Benefits
  • Evolving segmentation model based on contemporary trends
  • Completely actionable across every marketing touchpoint, including your media campaigns 
  • Available across 50+ countries
  • Facilitates a psychographic specific brand strategy
  • Creates a more meaningful brand connection with your high propensity potential customers by focusing on psychographics
  • Allows you to invest in the right audience – not demographic proxies
  • Provides an extremely highly targeted approach to the right consumers


Consumer Behavioural Maps

Key Features
  • Insights from over 40,000 datapoints
  • Helps to formulate a strategic roadmap
  • Delivered at speed
Key Benefits
  • Deeper understanding of audiences
  • Use data supported learnings to verify decisions
  • Ignite new thinking, driven by real-time consumer insight

Communications Planning

Eliminate the Guesswork

Key Features
  • Foundation of proven marketing fundamentals
  • Translates data into meaningful, consumer-centric, human-proofed campaign strategies
Key Benefits
  • Significant Quality improvement
  • Cohesive direction and strategy across all marketing touchpoints
  • Builds more successful campaigns
  • Contextually relevant messaging

Media Planning

Strip out Wastage

Key Features
  • Multi-market, multi- channel media campaigns guided by data, validated by human intelligence.
  • Identify where to find high propensity customers
  • How to connect and communicate
  • Media properties with high attention and engagement
Key Benefits
  • Identify most valuable media properties
  • Faster campaign builds
  • Speed and agility with campaign optons for consideration
  • Attention scores as an addtional metric
  • Improves impact by 20% to 50% for same media budget investment

Media Buying

Amplify the Advantage

Key Features
  • Compare connection and attention scores across any media property
  • New, improved trading currency
Key Benefits
  • Media properties that provide a true connection with the audience, not proxy demographics
  • Strip out wastage and harness the power of every media dollar invested

Campaign Reporting

Learn and Accelerate

Key Features
  • Deliver insights to improve future campaigns
Key Benefits
  • Create learnings
  • Future campaigns adapted towards better performing channels or formats.

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